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Making Use of Skincare Tools

Hello there!

When we imagine tools, we think of repairs; we think of items such as hammers, saws and the like. We of course immediately think of the local hardware store. It comes down to shaping up what needs improvement and using items that will help whatever is in disrepair or in need of a ‘face lift’ to look it’s best. Here’s a concept: imagine applying that idea; the usage of a machine or tool to improve the look of your skin. By now you may have seen, heard or even used one of these. Personally, I totally believe in these inventions. Skincare tools and machines such as: stone rollers (usually made of jade or rose quartz) facial steamers, silicone scrubber pads for exfoliation (not for the ticklish!), UV red light machines are all apart of an well-equipped skincare arsenal. Using a silicone-based scrubbing pad during the cleansing phase of the Blemfree system, is a great way to get a deep clean and make the skin feel naturally tingly fresh. I would like to focus today on stone rollers. I have a jade roller at home and it is wonderful. The purpose of one is to calm and massage the skin. Crystals have been used for healing for thousands of years. Rollers are popular with Estheticians that are practitioners of Gua Sha, a method of healing that is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. For at home use, it’s recommended that the user have a clean face. Then you put on the toner and other actives and use the jade or rose quarts roller to enhance the penetration of the cream, oil or even facial mask on the skin. Ever try a gel mask? Get one and use it with your roller, you will love it! You will feel and look replenished. Rollers even decreases puffiness and bagginess. To take it to another level, put the roller in the refrigerator. The icy feel will tighten up your pores and have your complexion looking mint. I highly recommend the rollers, they’re great for beginner skincare enthusiasts to licensed professional with years of experience.

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