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Sun Protection 101

Hello All!

It’s officially, unofficially summer! And with that it’s imperative we discuss how the weather heating up will impact our skincare routines. Before I even get into it, I hope that you are already using a moisturizer with SPF (at least SPF 30) in it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY of the year. The sun’s rays are shining and active throughout the seasons (and are even stronger during the winter months too). It is paramount that you are taking this measure of protection. Unprotected exposure to the sun’s rays causes premature aging (wrinkles, sun spots) and damages the DNA of the epidermis which can lead to very serious skin diseases. According to American Academy of Dermatology, high exposure to the sun is strongly correlated to various types of skin cancer. Here’s some knowledge I have gleaned over the years:

  1. Limit your time in the sun. The hours of 10 am- 2 pm are when the sun is at apex- or the highest point in the sky; it is the time when you run the highest risk of burning.
  2. SPF 30 or higher is your best bet to maximize your chances of not getting a sunburn, some SPF’s go as high as 100. Also, look for formulas that are Broad Spectrum; all this means is that it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. UVB causes sunburn, which is literally injury to the top layer of the skin; UVA penetrates the skin more deeply, causing premature aging, which is something we do not want.
  3. There are two main types of active ingredients found in sunscreen. Physical blockers, like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide , reflect light and prevent it from being absorbed into the skin. Chemical blockers, like avobenzone and oxybenzone, absorb damaging rays, ensuring they aren’t absorbed by the skin. Look for formulas that have both physical and chemical blockers for complete protection.

Make sure you are mindful of your sunscreen use this summer and every day going forward. It will keep your skin happy, healthy and drastically reduce your odds of developing serious, life-threatening skin conditions. Be well and enjoy!

In good health,


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