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The Different Types of Blemishes

Hello Blemfree Enthusiasts!

Even as we do our due diligence of keeping up with our Blemfree routines, we may on occasion encounter a bump here, a red spot there. It’s normal, it’s not the end of the world, and it will go away- don’t worry! However, there are times when we may be curious about the nature of the blemish we see on our face. What exactly is it? How did it get there? I can assure you today that there all types of blemishes and they have scientific names to go with them. I’ve seen them ALL and none are cute or pretty but it is important to identify what each one is. Further, with the proper knowledge and the tools to keep acne at bay, you can get back on track. Here’s a list of the different spots you may have seen on your face:

Papule- also known as an “early pimple”- a firm lump, which contains no fluid. Sometimes has a vascular appearance and varies in size from a pin-head to half a centimeter. Caused by bacteria, excess oil, and dead skin cells that have been pushed deeper into the skin and cause redness and swelling.

Blackhead- known as open comedones. They appear as small, dark or black-colored spots that may look slightly raised. Blackhead are called such because they are essentially whiteheads that just opened up because they have been exposed to air.

Whitehead- scientifically known as closed comedones. They appear as small, whitish or flesh-colored bumps. Characterized by a white, circular center surrounded by a red halo. The skin surrounding a whitehead may have a tight or wrinkled appearance, especially when the whitehead is especially large or inflamed.

Pustules are tender, large bumps with a prominent center. The middle is packed with white or yellow pus, and the bump has a pink or red base. White blood cells and various bacteria gather to form this pus. Pustules tend to look like bigger and angrier whiteheads.

Nodules are painful, hard, highly inflamed lumps deep under the skin. They have the appearance of deeper, larger pustules with no visible center or head. Nodules are created when pores become clogged and caused tissue damage deep beneath the skin’s surface. Nodules are quite severe and have a higher incidents of scarring.

Cysts are extremely large, painful, soft red or white- colored bumps deep under the skin. They contain a great amount of pus. Cysts sit deeper within the skin than nodules, and as a result are the most dangerous type of blemish. Cysts are also known to lead to longer term skin complications, such as scarring.


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