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finipil®: 101 Uses for finipil® and Counting

            A true game-changer in the beauty industry, finipil® is a water-based antibacterial with seemingly endless uses. finipil® was carefully formulated as an anti-irritant for the skin that also kills 99.999% of bacteria. Because it protects and relieves irritated skin, customers and clinicians have found multiple benefits to using this product.

            finipil®’s anti-inflammatory properties make it incredibly beneficial for use after all methods of hair removal, because it will reduce swelling and protect the skin’s pores. Traditional waxing can tear the skin and damage the capillaries, which can put the skin at risk for infection and ingrown hairs. It prevents both of these problems by keeping bacteria at bay and forming a protective barrier around the open hair follicle, while shrinking the pores. Similarly, it is used to soothe skin after electrolysis. finipil® will provide immediate relief to irritated skin after hair removal of all kinds, including traditional and electric razors. Men have experienced the benefits of finipil® after shaving, because finipil® 4 men only can be used in place of an aftershave product. finipil® is safer because it cools and shrinks the pores while also creating an antibacterial barrier for the skin without causing additional irritation that other products can. With electric shaving, the razor removes coarse hair near the hair follicle and can result in razor burn.  Applying finipil® afterwards will soothe the skin immediately and prevent razor burns and bumps. The manly scent from essential oils makes it pleasing, and there’s no need for aftershave as it is toning the skin as well.

            finipil® can also be used for protection from athlete’s foot and other forms of fungus and bacteria that athletes and exercise enthusiasts may be prone to. Using finipil® on your feet, particularly in the locker room, will offer protection from the bacteria from entering any openings or cracks in the skin. finipil® will also kill bacteria that causes odor! Excessive perspiration can cause bacteria to enter the skin’s pores that open up during the process. finipil® will protect as well as kill bacteria to prevent the smell.

           finipil® was also designed to provide relief and protection to burns. Because finipil® is water-based, not petroleum based as some antibacterial ointments are, finipil® is safe to use on burns. It will cool and soothe the skin, while protecting it from infection. It is wonderful to use on chapped, chafed, sunburned, dry, cracked skin to help keep bacteria out and calm the skin. Additionally, finipil® has uses in treating contact dermatitis in these same ways. Practically any skin issue that arises from irritation or damaged hair follicles, can be treated with finipil®.

            What’s great about finipil® is not only that you can find 101 uses for it on your skin, but also that you don’t need to use a lot for it to get the job done. A small amount of the product will go a long way, saving you money! With so many benefits, it’s a no-brainer to include finipil® as part of your skincare regimen, as well as a vital product to have on hand in your home to help soothe and protect the skin in so many versatile ways. Give finipil® a try and experience what so many have already come to know and love!

By: Sara E. Goodwin

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